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  • MDPC-X Black, Platinum-Grey and Vanilla-Sands PC Cable Sleeving
  • MDPC-X Black and XXX-White PC Cable Sleeving
  • MDPC-X Black, Platinum-Grey and Rivera-Blue PC Cable Sleeving
  • MDPC-X Black and Color-X PC Cable Sleeving
  • MDPC-X Black, Atomic-Green and XXX-White PC Cable Sleeving

Blackest-Black MDPC-X Small Sleeve (25ft)


Product Description

Black: A timeless classic, as dark as it gets.

  • Manufactured in Bavaria, Germany by MDPC since 2007
  • Zero color degradation from intense UV applications
  • Made from high quality PET-X fibers
  • Great for heatshrinkless and heatshrink style sleeving
  • Optimal expandability for rigidity, and ease of use over connectors

No compromise - What MDPC stands for since 2007

Yes, this is the legendary MDPC-X Sleeve! It’s the original sleeve, which started, continued and brought the sleeving-art to where it is today. From 2007 until now, this cable-sleeve demonstrates what the famous MDPC-X saying "no-compromise" stands for: A product, which cannot be exceeded for the purpose it is designed for. It's coming in colors of extraordinary variety and beauty. A class of its own – globally known.

Sleeving techniques - Absolutely no limitations

Shrinkless and with-shrink techniques were both originally invented and brought to perfection with MDPC-X by enthusiasts all over the world – including many more methods. Just browse the internet and you will find an almost unlimited amount of inspiring methods and applications.

  • MDPC-X can be used shrinkless (i.e. you put heatshrink over the transition of sleeve-end to wire or crimp-terminal, then melt the sleeving underneath the heatshrink by applying more than 250°C to the covered section and finally remove the heatshrink again. By this, the sleeve is melted onto the insulation of the wire or crimp-terminal).
  • MDPC-X can be used the typical way too by applying heatshrinks to each end of the sleeve.
  • If the diameter of the sleeved object is in between the lower medium to upper maximum range of the sleeve-expandability-rate, it will hold by itself perfectly without the need of any additional fixing methods.

Rigidity - You decide what the cable shall do, not vice versa

MDPC-X Sleeving is designed to turn a simple cable into a piece of art, which lets you see cables in a completely different way. MDPC-X Sleeve adds a perfect rigidity to the wire, it removes all the wobbles in the wire and enables you to shape the cable as you want, with perfectly smooth curves or absolute straight lines: No need for additional helpers to force your wire into a beautiful flow.

Expandability - You can do what others can't

This cable sleeve can be expanded and contracted from bigger diameters to smaller and vice versa, allowing you to put the sleeve over connectors (or similar), which are a good bit bigger than the wire itself. With this property, MDPC-X allows you to use it in a wide range of situations and designs. The flexibility in diameter naturally adjusts the sleeving size to the wire size. Being expandable, the process of putting the sleeve onto a cable is extremely easy – it’s even possible on cables of endless lengths.

Manufacturing - The opposite of today's high-volume industry

MDPC-X Sleeving is made of a very high number of PET-X fibers, machined on the most modern and precise machines in this industry, handled by highly educated and well paid experts, made in a clean and ecological environment. Only this total focus on quality and constant precision during the whole manufacturing process allows the creation of MDPC-X Sleeve. It all results in what the world knows as the highest quality sleeving product since 2007 - a class of its own in this industry.

Colors - Guaranteed unique range and quality

MDPC-X colors are lead-free! No intoxication via your skin. There is also no degradation of color if exposed to UV at outdoor applications, because the material is not dyed afterwards. The base material is made of the color. MDPC-X colors of the same name will not vary within a batch or if a new batch of this color is manufactured. MDPC-X colors are not shared with anyone else in the industry.

Robustness - Far more than just a fashion product

Compared to other types of cable-sleeving - like nylon based "cotton" materials, PET-X fiber is water repellent, stain resistant and always keeps its original color intensity - even if constantly exposed to UV. Another important difference, especially important for its usability and your safety: MDPC-X Sleeve does not burn as quickly and suddenly as Nylon does.

  • Our PET-X material can be used under extreme conditions, constantly at temperatures ranging from -58°C to +155°C, even withstanding short term temperatures of 215°C. If you want to melt it, you need to apply more than 240°C. Melting can be used on purpose to fix the ends of MDPC-X cable-sleeve to wire insulations and similar.
  • Resistant to almost all substances (e.g. salt-water, sweat) and chemicals (e.g. oil, gasoline/petrol, cleaning agents) you can use MDPC-X Sleeve in critical areas like engine-rooms, cycles, machines and even in the oceans around the world.
  • Combined with its very high abrasion resistance and tensile strength, you have a product you can rely on when it comes the protection of your cables.

Common question: Which Sleeve size do I need?

MDPC-X Sleeve reaches its density maximum and typical look at the low-end and upper-end of its expansion range. At mid range, the weave opens slightly and evenly, which results in very appealing looks as well.

  • SMALL Sleeve covers a diameter range from ~1.7mm to ~7.8mm, on short distances you can get it over objects of ~8.0mm in diameter
  • SATA Sleeve covers a diameter range from ~5.0mm to ~14.5mm, on short distances you can get it over objects of ~15.0mm in diameter.

Common question: How much Sleeve do I need?

If you want to sleeve multiple cables or wires, just count them and measure their lengths: Number of wires * Length of wires + 20% is the safe MDPC-X recommendation, so you always have a little bit of overhead.
Remember that the more a cable sleeve is expanded on a wire, the shorter it gets in terms of length. In the rare case you want to put a small sleeve in almost totally overexpanded state onto a big wire, you better take twice the amount in length of what you would regularly need.

Common question: How much heatshrink do I need?

If you are going to use heatshrink, you usually need 1.5cm of heatshrink or slightly less on both ends of a sleeve, no matter if you are going to use it regularly or using the „melting“ shrinkless method. The calculation formula: Number of wires * 2 * 1.5cm + 20% = enough heatshrink for your project. Please do not try unprofessional techniques like crimping sleeve onto a wire, because it will degrade the stability of the crimp connection, which can result in serious electrical damage.


Product Reviews

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  1. Incredible Quality

    Posted by on Jun 26th 2019

    When I originally began shopping for sleeving, I was initially going to go for paracord or Telios, but the more I read and studied the products I decided to go with the nylon because of it's ability to retain form when bending and that led me to MDPC-X. I'm very satisfied with the decision.

  2. Best Sleeving Evah!

    Posted by on Mar 13th 2019

    Like others here, I have used every type of sleeve on the market, from old school Techflex, to Telios, to Darkside and many, many, more. By far MDPC-X is the greatest quality PET sleeve one can buy. And now we can get it Stateside! One of the things I really like about MDPC-X is the larger diameter, it is closer to 4mm than 3mm. This makes it ideal for sleeving fan cables and 16 gauge, flexibility for more than just your 24pin.
    The color is Black as it gets, with a satin sheen, not too shiny.
    Due to its tight weave, consistent quality, and stiffness, it is the Gold Standard of sleeving materials. If you want your cables to have that Pro-Modder look, then look no further.

  3. Best Sleeving on the market, hands down!

    Posted by on Aug 10th 2018

    I've used sleeving from Frozen CPU. Teleios Sleeving from Mainframe Customs and my build I finished up this week was sleeved with MDPC-X, this stuff is MUCH nicer than the others I've used, it looks better and seems to be more flexible than the others as well, which was important in my last build being a smaller case, it had some pretty tight bends.
    Look no further for sleeving, you can't beat this stuff IMO.

  4. Black

    Posted by on Aug 9th 2018

    Black, realy black, very, very, black--nice.

  5. Solid for All Levels

    Posted by on Jun 23rd 2018

    This sleeving was adequate for sleeving my PSU cables. However, when I turned to sleeve my fan, USB, Audio, and other case cables, it really shone. The flexibility and strength of this sleeving really shown and my rig looks so so so much better because of it.

  6. Great sleeving

    Posted by on Dec 25th 2017

    No issues, dense and great quality.

  7. The Best

    Posted by on Jun 19th 2017

    You can't get better sleeving than this. It looks great, feels great, and is easy to work with.

  8. Best You Can Get!

    Posted by on Mar 8th 2017

    MDPC-X sleeve is outstanding. Feels great, looks awesome, and the quality overall is top-notch! If you're looking to re-sleeve your PSU cables get MDPC-X, and don't forget combs!

  9. gorgeous

    Posted by on Feb 28th 2017

    It takes a while to learn how to do it, but once you do it is simply gorgeous. I would recommend doing one cable and slotting it in the connector before you go to town, I wasted alot of sleeving doing a whole 24 pin to find out I didn't flatten and bevel down the ends enough.

  10. Very High Quality

    Posted by on Jan 12th 2017

    As a first time cable sleever, I opted to get myself 50 feet of this stuff, as I really didn't need too much for my SFF build. The Sleeving came in one role, and was in perfect condition. Sleeving with this stuff is very easy, and it really adds that extra bit of flare to your computer. Highly recommended!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 13 | Next