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Blackest-Black MDPC-X XTC Small Sleeve (25ft)


Product Description

Black: A timeless classic, as dark as it gets.

  • Manufactured in Bavaria, Germany by MDPC since 2007
  • Zero color degradation from intense UV applications
  • Made from high quality PET-X fibers
  • Great for heatshrinkless and heatshrink style sleeving

The image (click here for full size image) shows XTC SMALL (Red) in comparison to our classic SMALL (Yellow) cable sleeve. In the range from 2.0 mm to 4.0 mm both are perfectly usable and only your personal preference based on technical behavior and visual result should make you find your choice. On 5.0 mm outer diameter, XTC is almost at the maximum and application onto an object is slower because of it.

XTC always keeps its weave closed with almost no lengthwise stretch required to get a perfect result. Beginners will usually have an almost perfect result on first try.

MDPC-X SMALL XTC cable sleeve is the extreme opposite of our classic SMALL cable sleeve while keeping the same perfection in technical quality. Maximized density throughout the whole diameter range is the philosophy of this version. Expandability is logically reduced by this. MDPC-X XTC cable sleeve covers a diameter range from ~2.0 mm to ~5.0 mm. On short distances you can get this cable sleeve over objects of ~5.5 mm in diameter. You could also use SMALL XTC without any cable inside or very thin ones, because the tight weave structure holds its shape and keeps its density closed.

If used in the PC environment, the combination of XTC cable sleeve and our 15AWG hookup wire with its 2.50 mm outer diameter (this is what matters!) is the maximum you can technically fit into connectors (shrinkless). A perfect combination for electrical and optical performance. This is the maximum in every aspect.

All technical properties, features and advantages of our cable sleeving are described in the CABLE SLEEVING category.

This MDPC cable sleeve size is typically used for e. g. single wires (1.00 mm² to 1.50 mm², 15 AWG, 16 AWG, 17 AWG, 18 AWG) or bundles of 2 to 4 thinner wires (e.g. 0.22 mm², 22 AWG, 26 AWG, as you find them on computer-fans or electronic components). XTC provides maximum coverage throughout the whole diameter range, so it can be perfectly used in many other areas as well. Whatever you prefer of our both extremes in cable sleeve design, classic MDPC-X SMALL or SMALL XTC, you will definitely have the ultimate solution for your cable sleeve style preference in every aspect.

Product Reviews

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  1. sleeving

    Posted by on Dec 9th 2017

    Nice shiny black color, fairly stiff plastic strands make the woven tube want to be at its minimum diameter, and straight.
    Using heatshrink to protect the end while melting the strands together sounds much better than just waving a lighter and hoping the blob of burned plastic doesn't look TOO bad.

    I got silicone insulated many strand conductor 3mm 16ga wires so I can have lots of tight curves. This is flexible enough to make the bends while being firm enough to keep the wires from wobbling all over the place.

    In all, exactly what I want, recommended!

    Good packaging, expeditious delivery, not costly.