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The difference between sleeving MDPC-X PC Cable Sleeving over white wire and black wire.

Posted by Kevin Keating on

When trying to color match your sleeved PC cables in your system, one of the most over looked considerations is the color of the wire you are sleeving over. Just like a base coat would on a car, or on an interior wall, PET sleeving colors can sometimes be affected by the color of the wire you are sleeving over. Nils at MDPC has spent a significant amount of time on research and development in creating colors with maximum opacity. However, because of the very nature of PET sleeving, some colors do become affected by what's underneath. With that being said, many are completely unaffected by black and white wire which is very impressive!

In this blog entry we are going to examine all MDPC-X colors sleeved over both black and white wire. On a side note we have omitted White-X and Toxic-Green as they have approached end of life.      

In all images below, the top inside wire is always the white wire, and the top outside wire is always the black wire. See example below.

These images are in no way color corrected, and aside from the cropping and text, they appear exactly as they did when we took the images. White LED lighting was used which is the most common style of PC case lighting. A medium-dark grey background was used as this color was the most neutral compared to a black or white backgrounds  

Okay now on to the images! ENJOY

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