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Custom Sleeved Corsair® Power Supply Cable - 16-pin PCIE (2 x 8pin)


Product Description

This is a custom made item, please allow up to 2 weeks for processing. Thank you! 

Click here for the difference between white and black wire

  • Assembled in the USA in lengths ranging from 20cm - 80cm
  • Sleeve melted over terminals. NOT “CRIMP OVER SLEEVE” STYLE
  • Customizable options such as wire color, sleeve color, and wire length
  • 18-gauge or 16-gauge wire with German made MDPC-X Sleeving
  • Brighter and more intense colors than other full length cables
  • Custom made to your specific color combination


Assembled in the USA

From start to finish, all assembly work of M1 Custom Full Length Power Supply Cables are done right here in the USA by highly skilled craftsman. This means our custom cables are manufactured to very high standards well above what is typically found with mass-produced “crimp over sleeve” style cables. With our sleeving methods, you also will not receive cables with “loose” or “un-stretched” sleeve. Un-stretched sleeve on a wire is a sign of poor build quality, is unattractive and they will not form well due to the loss of rigidity. 

Top level craftsmanship with the sleeve melted over the terminal, not crimped
At MOD-ONE we believe that great craftsman is more important than mass-production. This why we melt the sleeve over the terminals as opposed to crimping the sleeve to the wire. It is our belief that this method of crimping over the sleeve will never be as superior as melting the sleeve ends over the terminal. Crimping sleeve is done because it’s a faster method of manufacturing, not because it’s a better practice for quality, and here is why we think this;

  • Crimping over sleeve generally requires a smaller diameter sleeve (~3mm). Many cables combs will fit loosely with this small sleeve (once fully stretched), but it also creates a “spaghetti like” appearance of your wires. We use 6mm MDPC-X Sleeve, which when stretched over the wire properly, narrows and creates a beautiful fullness to the wires. This adds to a superior looking cable overall. 
  • Crimping down on PET sleeve over wire tends to create a bulge in the sleeve directly behind the crimp. This can result in sleeve that is loosely formed around the wire in a very visible section of your cable.
  • Reduced strength at stress relief wings due to no insulation to bite into. The sleeve fits inside of ATX terminal wings by removing more insulation from the wire. So now the terminal wings are no longer biting into firm insulation, but soft woven sleeve. Our terminals bite directly into the insulation as are intended to be.

Unparalleled quality in materials
We use the legendary MDPC-X PC Cable Sleeve over our custom made M1 16-gauge wire. MDPC-X Sleeve is the original PC sleeve which started the trend of cable sleeving back in 2007. It is manufactured in Germany by Nils Papke in his family ran shop. MDPC-X Sleeve is not a re-branded product like most other sleeves on the market. They offer the best quality and widest range of colors to choose from in a PET sleeve. It is also much more durable compared to paracord which is a fabric base material. Fabric based materials can fray and retain dust and dirt in the fibers. MDPC-X being a PET sleeve will never fray, and is much less likely to retain dust in the sleeve. Our M1 16-gauge wire was custom made to be used specifically for PC cable sleeving. It is very easy to train, and allows for ultimate form of your cables when used with MDPC-X. We also use long wing terminals which are extremely reliable, and strong.

Intense colors with ability to customize
MDPC-X Sleeve is extremely vibrant, beautiful and is considered by many to have the best colors. We at MOD-ONE take it up another level by offering white wire as a base to sleeve over. Black wire darkens certain PET sleeve colors no different than a black base coat would on an interior wall or on a car. This means that the bright MDCP-X colors will “POP” with even more intense color than ever before. Rest assure though that when blacks, grays and other darker colors are used with white there is absolutely no color change. Lastly we give you complete control over the color scheme on your cables. So feel free to be your own cable designer, and color match these cables to your system exactly the way you want! Order a set today!


Color-X and Black


Titanium-Grey, Platinum-Grey and B Magic


Natural-White, Italian-Red and Black


Black, Platinum-Grey and Riviera-Blue


Shade-19, Italian-Red and Mellow-Yellow


XXX-White, Riviera-Blue and B-Magic under standard LED UV case lighting


 XXX-White, Riviera-Blue and B-Magic


 Black, Atomic-Green and XXX-White under standard LED UV case lighting





Black, Italian-Red, Titanium-Grey, Platinum-Grey and Diamond-Red


Black, Titanium-Grey, Platinum-Grey and Copper-Brown


Black, Italian-Red and XXX-White


XXX-White, Perfect-Pink and Riviera-Blue under standard LED UV case lighting (on right side only)


Orange, Natural-White, Platinum-Grey and Shade-19


Natural-White, Black and Atomic-Green



Black, Orange, Platinum-Grey and Titanium-Grey


Black, Shade-19 and XXX-White


Orange, Natural-White and Black (left)  Atomic-Green and Natural-White (right)


Product Reviews

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    Posted by on Aug 11th 2018

    First off I want praise Mod Ones customer service. I was needing a dual 8 pin connector for the CPU power, I had ordered the wrong cable. I got a call from Mike asking what the cable was going to be used for to make sure I got the right cable instead of just sending the wrong cable. Thanks Mike!

    The quality of these cables are superb the connectors fit snug in the PSU sockets, the vibrant wires fit into the plugs with no insulation showing. The wires are firm enough to hold their shape but flexable to route. I wish we had the option to upload a picture to show how great these wires look.

    The only negative thing I can say about this product and I may be wrong but I wish they gave you the option to get more than 3 closed wire combs I could've used 4.

  2. WOW !!!

    Posted by on Aug 22nd 2017

    The best sleeved cables I ever had and I ordered it from quiet a few shops before . These cables have that rich , thick look but still can bend them the way you need them to bend . I ordered full length cables and it was a bit expensive at the moment but when I got them I realized that its worth every penny and more . Great job guys . This is gonna be my regular stop from now on for all the builds coming builds in the future (costumer builds and mine) for sure . Thank you for your exceptional work .