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MDPC Sample Pack


Product Description

Pick up this MDPC-X Sample Pack so you can plan the color scheme of your next cable project!


  • 6" sections of all MDPC-X colors in either Classic or XTC sleeve types (each color will come in either Classic or XTC, not both, and they are randomly selected).
  • Two 6" sections of FP and SATA sized sleeve (color selected at random).
  • Two 6" sections of our custom black and white wire (sizes will vary). These can be used to see how wire color affects the final color of the sleeved cable. For images on sleeving over white and black wire see this blog post; Blog

If you want to sample less colors to save on cost we suggest you order the 1' sections of sleeve here: Classic Small Cable Sleeving and here XTC Small Cable Sleeving

MDPC-X colors included:

1 Area-51
2 Atomic-Green
3 Black
4 Blue-Carbon
5 B-Magic
6 Carbon-BTI
7 Carbon-PGB
8 Carbon-Gold
9 Code-Red
10 Color-X
11 Commando-Green
12 Copper-Brown
13 Diamond-Red
14 Gold
15 Grand-Bleu
16 Grand-Violet
17 Gulf-Blue
18 Haze-Grey
19 Lambo-Greeny
20 Papaya Orange
21 Lava-Orange
22 Mellow-Yellow
23 Natural-White (less bright and more natural looking)
24 NV-Carbon
25 Oxide-Orange
26 Orange-Carbon
27 Perfect-Pink
28 Platinum-Grey
29 Purple
30 Ranger-Green
31 Red-Carbon
32 Riviera-Blue
33 Italian-Red
34 Shade-19
35 Titanium-Grey MK2
36 Transparent
37 Vanilla-Sands
38 Vivid-Violet
39 White Gold
40 White Carbon
41 Yellow
42 XXX-White (super bright and UV reactive)
43 SATA size sleeve (color will vary)

FP sized sleeve (color will vary)

45 6" piece of black M1 Wire (size will vary)
46 6" piece of white M1 Wire (size will vary)




Product Reviews

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  1. Great Sample Pack

    Posted by on Jul 13th 2019

    This pack has almost every color offered and includes wire samples. This will make picking colors so much easier.

  2. Perfect

    Posted by on May 18th 2019

    Exactly what I needed to finalise the colour choices for my cables. Definitely recommended as the colours definitely feel different to their online pictures

  3. Awesome sample pack

    Posted by on May 9th 2019

    Received package in a timely manner--very good selection of colours to choose from

  4. High quality

    Posted by on Apr 22nd 2019

    You cant see the detail and difference of the colors in the photos but seeing them up close you get a better handle of what each of them look like. Especially how they pair with each wire color. Telling the difference in the small and xtc small was hard at first but then I realized that when you press them together you can see the size difference or when you look closely at the threads.

  5. great sample pack

    Posted by on Feb 15th 2019

    Arrived quick. Samples were smartly labled and superb quality. They came with a black and white sample wire to be able to put in the sleeves. Really appreciate this as that is not something I had considered would affect the color. Originally I purchased the samples to see the difference in the whites but ended up liking a completely different color. I highly recommend getting the samples for this reason. Can't wait to put in my customer order. Great work!

  6. Fantastic Color Selection

    Posted by on Jul 2nd 2018

    For the price -- and the absolutely lightspeed processing time, this is a great little sample kit of just the BEST sleeving on the market. I do wish there was 1 sample of the XTC sleeving as well, but all around fantastic.

  7. Colors are amazing in person

    Posted by on Apr 27th 2018

    First off, this sample pack is well worth the cost. Being able to see the colors and put them in my case with the lighting I want is invaluable.

  8. Exactly what I needed to decide on my scheme

    Posted by on Apr 26th 2018

    Perfect little packet of the colors. Long enough to get a good idea and easy to slide different colored cables in to see how the inner cable effects the final color.
    This is simply exactly what I needed and it got here in just a couple days. Thanks!

  9. Perfect Kit

    Posted by on Mar 9th 2018

    This sample pack was exacly what I needed. As other reviews have stated, it is very well organized and makes ordering the correct colors so much easier. It is incredibly helpful to be able to put all of the color combos side by side and get a better feel for how everything will look. Shipping was fast.

  10. Definitely get this

    Posted by on Mar 7th 2018

    Initially, I was going to purchase a couple feet of two colors I thought worked well together. So I bought this pack just to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. The package arrived pretty quick and to my surprise I found the two colors I picked were next to different shades that worked great together. The sleeves were organized well and labeled in a way that helps lower the cost of the overall pack. The included black and white wires help show the difference in bleed when used with certain colors of sleeves. Definitely a good tool to help the color picking process and I’ll be looking forward for my full length sleeves to pop on doorstep.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 33 | Next